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World Book Day and its meaning

World Book Day is always a special date for all those culture and paper lovers. 23th April of 1616 is a dark day because it is the moment when three of the most distinguished universal literature’s characters died: Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare and Garcilaso de la Vega, being two of them the most representative figures of Spanish Literature’s history. Due to this reason, since 1930 we celebrate World Book Day at the same date, as far as since 1995 UNESCO recognized that official day and Author Copyright’s day as well.

Concretely, this event was raised in Barcelona next to its Patron Saint’s popular celebration, San Jorge, what in time became a quite local celebration from Barcelona: a rose and a book turned in between lovers and beloved people. Besides that, it is the day when we worship one of our most interesting Spanish Arts’ figure, what we all are proud of: Miguel de Cervantes. That is why that day we celebrate Cervantes Spanish Arts Prize as well.

In Spain, this tradition has been stronger since 80’s and nowadays it became an event where even least Culture lovers, go for a walk to libraries. What is happening in your country? Do you celebrate with such a passion this day? If you want to know Cervantes’ language… what better occasion than now to start learning with us?


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