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What would be the advantage for companies in training their employees in Spanish?

Learning Spanish is a good advantage for workers who are engaged in international business, in Interigual we know the importance of this, so we decided to make this entry for our blog. We already know that English is the language that is used internationally to do business and is used in all countries of the world. So, what would be the advantages for companies of training their employees in Spanish? And what would be the advantages for their employees?


In the first place, we know that most of the time business comes from implanting a personal relationship or friendship that the people we like or transmit good vibrations, because this is what is intended when you study Spanish, to be able to speak the language of origin of the people with whom you want to establish business, know their cultures, their customs, their politics, their meals and also their jokes. That’s why we have to emphasize the importance of establishing social ties for business, being able to communicate in the language of the company you work for if your country of origin is Spanish-speaking is something that can help you close the contract you have pending for the company you work for. Spanish is the friendly language that opens doors for you to make friends.

Secondly, the importance of knowing the language in order to be able to travel for business, many of our students talk to us about the importance of being able to speak Spanish when travelling to their company headquarters in Spanish-speaking countries. Simply being able to buy bread or a bottle of water in a normal “little shop”, go into a bar to have a beer after work and be able to start a conversation with your co-workers in the tavern underneath the office, is something that influences your business relationships in a very positive way.

Those companies that bet on the training of their workers can contribute more and the company that bets on the training of its employees becomes more competitive.action-2277292_640

These are the comments of some of Interigual’s students that your company bets on:

  •  – “I don’t have to travel anywhere”  (We have to take into account that our classes are taught one to one online, you and your teacher, from the office at the time of your training, so our student tells us that you do not have to move anywhere, and especially now with the cold and snow)
  •  – “The organization within my working time” (The class schedule is up to you)
  •  – “It’s a mental training” (Continuing training as a worker is a psychological advantage)
  •  – “Worktime hobby” (Use classes to disconnect)
  •    We’ve decided not to name the students, but surely you have more ideas, would you like to tell us something? Remember that we are waiting for you at Interigual, your Spanish school online, ask for your FIRST CLASS and talk to your company, we are sure you will be interested:
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