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This post gives you a basic run down of e-learning. It’s this particular advantage that differentiates us from other academies. We use an online platform where we give the classes through videoconference and in real-time. The student is totally free to choose when and where they want to have a class, as we are available 24 hours a day.

So, what are the advantages? Let’s take a look:

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Next, we will explain the advantages of the e-learning.

Time and Money: since you study from your own house or from whereever you are, you won’t have to bother with travel expenses or take that bus or train for half an hour across town.

It’s All About You: The whole course is adapted to your schedule and to your personal needs, therefore you will learn at your rhythm, at whatever pace you feel is right for you. You’ll have personalized monitoring at all times.

Theory to Practise: Since you’re with a teacher speaking in real time, from the first moment you are practicing the language. No more half remembered theories, learn it – use it!

Need for Speed: Having a teacher only for you, you’re definitely going to advance more quickly. Why? Because they’ll adapt to your knowledge the whole time. You go faster; they go faster, you want to recap; no easier said than done.

Whenever YOU Want: You are the person who chooses the day and the time that you want to have a class. So, if one day you don’t feel like it, you’ve got flu, or even a hangover, you will be able to reschedule the lessons for another time.

All About Technology: Nowadays computers, teblets or mobiles give you access to whatever you want, wherever you are. Why not to take advantage of it? Learn the way you want, where you want, in complete comfort.

Green Is Good: No transport costs is that good for your pocket. No wasted time is that good for your stress levels. No paper, books or photocopies is good for the environment. Keep it green with this virtual learning environment.

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