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The use of video in learning Spanish as a foreign language

INTERIGUAL’s main objective is that its students learn Spanish in a fast, effective and motivating way. To this end, the use of videos is an essential tool in Spanish classes, as they provide a great number of advantages, enhancing the quality of learning. Among them we can highlight:

Breaking the monotony of the classes and the use of the textbook, increasing the motivation and interest of our learners.
It allows us to take into account the non-verbal elements of Spanish culture, such as: gestures, use of time, social distance…
It encourages experiential and contextualised learning, as it allows us to see real situations.
In addition to the use of videos you can work on grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation through films, short films, interviews…
Interigual promotes the use of various resources and tools in order to encourage and facilitate the learning of its students through the online facetoface mode, including the use of video.

In fact, Interigual and its expert teachers in Spanish have created a YouTube channel on which they offer different entertaining, dynamic and very clear explanations of different interesting aspects of Spain.

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