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Interigual is a professional education platform with the objective of providing a high-quality education to students through interactive Spanish classes. We organize Spanish courses in small groups and private lessons. They are led by highly qualified native Spanish teachers. The classes are organized through our video conferencing system with your tutor with one to one classes.

More than 90% of our students get the top 10% on the Spanish exams ( IB Spanish / DELE / CCSE / SIELE).

Examination strategies

We offer a comprehensive 360° approach to preparing for Spanish exams covering reading, writing, listening and speaking. We equip you with the tactics to raise your score by focusing on the key factors and overcoming the common weaknesses of most students on these tests. We also offer intensive exam preparation courses.

Highly qualified native Spanish teachers at Interigual

Our team of highly qualified and experienced tutors are committed to the outcome of your learning and passionate about teaching Spanish. All of our tutors have a proven track record of motivating students and helping them improve in the shortest possible time to achieve the best possible results.

Custom Interactive Learning Experience

We adapt the classes to your needs and abilities. Our specialized Spanish tutors provide learning resources to meet your learning objectives. In addition, your learning goes beyond the interactive class, as you can use our online classes to learn wherever and however you want.

If you want to put into practice what we are telling you, request your first free class at the following link:


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