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Spanish text connectors

The connectors are textual marks, which guide the reader to clarify what the text wants to say. Through these connectors, the speaker organizes the information he wants to talk about. When we refer to connectors, there are three characteristics that cannot be missing, and that encompass all of them:
-A single connector can mean several different things, depending on the context in which it is found.
-Unlike the previous feature, several connectors can have the same meaning.
-Although two connectors may mean the same thing, they are not therefore substitutable in all contexts.

Next, we will establish a list of the most frequent types of connectors, which we find in Spanish:
Clarification, repetition: often used to emphasize an idea. Soy sevillano, es decir, soy del sur.
Addendum: provides more information on the topic being discussed. No voy a ir al cine. Además, estoy cansado.
Perspective Change: Report a topic change in the conversation. Con respecto a lo que hablamos ayer, sigo sin estar de acuerdo.
Cause: introduce ideas that are the cause of a certain conclusion.No voy a ir mañana a clase porque no me encuentro bien.
Coexistence: expresses that an event occurs at the same time as another event. El Madrid me parece un equipo de fútbol muy bueno. Igualmente, el Barcelona también es muy bueno.
Concession, restriction: expresses an objection that may or may not invalidate the argument of what is being talked about. El ordenador es muy malo a pesar de lo caro que es.
Conclusion: it is often used to let listeners know that you are going to finish explaining the argument. En conclusión, la película fue aburridísima.
Condition: expresses a condition for a certain event to occur. Podrás ir a la piscina siempre que te portes bien.
Conformity: expresses agreement, similarity or similarity with respect to something that was previously discussed. De acuerdo con lo dicho anteriormente, me parece que cenar pizza es la mejor opción.
Exemplify: serves to illustrate or exemplify an idea. I have many friends. Tengo muchos amigos. Por ejemplo, Luis, Marcos, Laura y Marta.
Purpose: it is used to express the objective of the topic you want to talk about. Quiero sacar buenas notas para que mis padres me compren un juego nuevo.
Summary: synthesize or summarize previous information. And for all these reasons it is impossible for me. En resumen, no puedo ir.

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