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Spanish teachers for companies

Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to open your business to the international market, or if you are an employee who wants to improve your working conditions, it is very important that at least you can maintain a fluent conversation in at least two languages.

 The English language continues to be the most widely used in the 21st century for business, as it is the language of international diplomacy.  Despite the fact that the Spanish language is spoken by more people in the world, specifically more than 400 million people, and it is the official language in more than 25 countries.  And it continues to increase, experts assure that in a few years more than 500 million people will speak, of which a fifth will be residents of the United States of America.

 More and more business operations and international transactions are carried out only in the Spanish language.  Therefore, learning Spanish as a second language is the perfect option to grow professionally and make the company grow internationally.

 At Interigual, we offer Spanish courses for companies, with university graduates and native teachers from different areas of Spain.  All are advantages:

  - You can study Spanish with your private Interigual teacher from your own job, without having to waste your free time

  - From our Virtual Classroom you will have access to all the information related to your Spanish classes: books, notes, exercises, homework, …

  - the company will receive monthly reports on the monitoring of the Spanish classes of its workers

  - At the end of the month only the classes received by the employees are billed

 Ask us for a budget without obligation by writing to us at and we will respond as soon as possible.  Prices vary according to the number of employees of the company, the higher the number of employees, the lower the hourly prices of the Spanish courses.

 We carry out a demonstration of the operation of our system prior to accepting the budget.

 Interigual is the online Spanish school for companies.

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