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Advanced Level C1

At C1 level the student is able to produce detailed and well structured texts for the topics of certain complexity, reveal hidden ideas, take part in...

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Advanced Level C2

The student will possess the linguistic competence necessary to cope with any situation efficiently, display spontaneity in adapting by any context wi...

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Art History in Spain

The history of Spain as you have never been told....

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Conversation Courses

Classes designed for students who would only like to continue practicing Spanish to achieve fluency...

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DELE Preparation

Each DELE preparation course consists of 20 academic hours....

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Initial Level A1

No knowledge of Spanish is required. The aim of the course is to help the student start expressing himself with simple phrases, describe people, objec...

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Initial Level A2

The student is able to role play through simple social situations, using clichés of polite communication and try on unusual social roles. Moreover, t...

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Intermediate Level B1

At this level the student is able to interact in various situations and knows how to deal with everyday issues, learns to understand main ideas of the...

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Intermediate Level B2

At B2 level the student is able to justify his point of view and perform a smooth and confident conversation, acquiring a new level of language awaren...

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Preparation for University Exams

The course is designed for students who are to prepare for exams in any subject taken in Spanish in any University of the world...

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Spanish for Companies Courses

The classes do not only ensure lower prices, but also can become a considerable benefit for employees. Online classes allow to save travel time of em...

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Sale espanol_para_dos

Spanish for Two

Learn Spanish with friends at a cheaper price....

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