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What is “almadraba?

Hello, this is the epoch of the “Almadraba”; for all that already know me, you know the passion that I feel on explain to you. Now I want to explain how this type of fishing is realized in the south of Spain. The tuna is a known fish, but our tuna of “Almadraba” is a different product.

Well, to begin, in what the “Almadraba” fishing consists.

The term Almadraba comes from the Arab المضربة almaḍrába, which means “place where you hit or fights “, and is one of the techniques to catch tuna used in Andalusia and other regions of Spain.

The interesting thing about this type of fishing is its age, as it is a system that was used in pre-Roman time. The tuna goes down the cold waters of the north to spawn in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. In their way they have to cross the zone of the Strait of Gibraltar. It is in this point where they find the disposition of this system of fishing.

It is a labyrinth of nets that it does that the tuna gets in them, avoiding the possibility of escape, but keep it alive.

As soon as exists sufficient fish in these nets, it is done those who is called the “levantá”, which consists in lift the nets, doing that the tuna raises to the surface.

It is there where the hand-to-hand fighting begins with the man (always forts, dark and handsome) and the tuna, with rudimentary tools and taking care at all times because the skin of the fish has to be at least damage possible. They raise it to the ship and in this way the fish dies.

Some years ago this form of fishing went into crisis, but the trade with Japan opened the door to some more years of life.

In the following video you can see:

Now is the epoch of the “FERIA DE ATÚN”

En Zahara.


En Barbate.


En Conil.


If you are studying Spanish near the province of Cadiz, you know students or tourists that are near these localities, do not lose the opportunity to live this experience of to eat Tuna of “Almadraba”.


Regards and enjoy it!


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