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Dolor y gloria, Interigual

Pain and Glory. Cinema in ELE class

Hello to all the students of Interigual, your online Spanish school, we start the year full of energy to be able to meet your goals in the year 2020. This January I want to make an entry dedicated to Pedro Almodóvar’s new film by all my students known because he is one of the most studied and loved film directors in the world of Spanish. His new film stars our international student from Malaga, Antonio Bandera, who in the film plays Salvador Mallo, a film director in his twilight years, who recalls his professional and life career from his childhood in a Valencian village in Paterna in the 1960s. Salvador has memories of his first loves, his first desires, his first adult love in the Madrid of the 80s and his early interest in cinema.

The director tells us an Interview with Pedro Almodóvar in Fotogramas that it is not a film about his life but it is true that it has many similarities with the main character Salvador. But as always, we are passionate about everything this director does, the ways he presents the scenes and the way he deals with the subjects.
There are many ways to make the most of the director’s films in Spanish classes, but I find the topics covered interesting:
Heroin, the big problem of the ’80s, the freedom drug that killed many people because they had no knowledge of what they were taking. This can be discussed in class in such a way that we can compare it to what is happening today with other types of drugs or vices that many people are not aware of.
, the loneliness of older people, is reflected in the film through the relationship the director had with his mother, and the very lonely life she led. Old people are the forgotten ones, many of them live alone and die alone. What is the situation of these old people in your country? This may be a good question to start the debate in our Spanish classes.
But we can also talk about Rosalía’s music.

As we all know, flamenco is an intangible heritage of humanity and the music is a symbol of Spain. Our young and international Rosalía is committed to fusion, which is enjoying great popularity around the world. The live performance introduces us to Rosalía in a scene where four women appear washing in the river as it was done at the time, I like to notice the clothes that this director wears the handkerchiefs, the dresses and aprons, but above all the shoes that are so important to Pedro.

Well this is just an idea of the benefit we can get from Pedro Almodovar’s new film in our Spanish classes, I’m sure each student will be interested in talking about different topics, but that’s why we are at Interigual to adapt the class plan to each student and what they need to work on.
Have you seen the film? What do you think? If you have anything to say, I’ll be waiting for you, a greeting from Interigual.


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