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My experience with Interigual

As an introvert and a busy person, I used to struggle with learning Spanish for quite a while.

Spanish is a beautiful language and is fun to learn, but I couldn’t find an option that fit me: there was never a good Spanish school near where I lived, the best ones we not only far away but extremely expensive, groups I tried were too big, teachers I found could not accommodate me…

Nowadays you can easily learn a foreign language online – and that’s where I turned to. But with all the resources available, the problem of choice came up…

Fortunately, I came across – one of the best resources for those who want to learn Spanish – and I’d like to share some of my experiences with you.

Learning online

 First of all, you will find all the advantages of learning online at the course schedules are extremely flexible, and you can choose one that fits you the best.

 It does not matter how busy you are at work and at home, or where you live – you can have classes at any convenient time, and, as the classes are online, you can have them wherever you are.

 Online Spanish courses will also help you say a lot of time (and possibly some money) on traveling: you can study wherever you are, from the comfort of your home, at your workplace, or even at a holiday resort.

 Accommodating learners

 One of the things many learners struggle with is finding a Spanish teacher/course that matches their needs – this is not a problem with

 On the platform, you can find Spanish courses for different levels and different needs: conversational and business Spanish, DELE and university exams preparations, and even an option to study Spanish with friends at a cheaper price.

 Not sure what level to choose? Take a free level test offered on the platform to find out.

 After you choose a course, you will be able to work personally with an experienced Spanish teacher – one teacher per student, not a huge group – who will do their best to meet your needs.


Affordable prices

 Paying for lessons is another factor many language learners worry about: the prices of many language schools and private tutors can go really high.

 Prices on are not only affordable – there are many payment options to choose from: you can pay for one session before you commit to a longer course; you can also get a discount if you pay for several sessions or learn Spanish together with a friend or family member.

 And before you even pay anything, you can get the first 30-minute trial session for free!


And more

 For those looking to improve their Spanish, there are various language services from Spanish experts: editing and proofreading your texts, advising on improving your writing, offering professional translations and literary reviews. also has an amazing blog. It features tips on Spanish grammar and vocabulary, books to read and movies to watch, as well as insights into Spanish culture. has helped me a lot in my Spanish-learning journey – and I am sure it will help you, so make sure to check it out!

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