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Learn Spanish with Netflix

Netflix offers a large number of films with which to learn languages ​​and cultures, among all of them, we can filter by languages, and find a wide range of productions in Spanish. In today’s article, we will recommend a selection of movies and series in Spanish as the original language, explaining why we think they are the most appropriate.

The first film that we recommend is entitled “Ocho apellidos vascos”, a very funny film, where we can see the cultural differences within Spain, in this case, between Basques and Andalusians. In the same vein as this film we are discussing, “8 apellidos catalanes” offers a similar vision in terms of culture shock, but in this case, between Catalans and Andalusians.


A series that shows what was the recent history of Spain is “Cuéntame cómo pasó”, through the Alcántara family, it narrates family life in those times, from the 60’s to the 80’s and that continues in history as they progress the seasons. From the point of view of the history of Spain, another series that we cannot miss is “El ministerio del tiempo”, where we find a government institution that travels to the past to ensure that the past is not modified and that history remains the same . In this series, we can meet great characters in the history of Spain such as Cervantes, or Lope de Vega, among others.


Finally, a very funny Spanish film, where we find values ​​as important as acceptance, dignity and teamwork, we find them in “Campeones”, where a professional basketball coach is sentenced by law to coach a basketball team of people with intellectual disabilities, which begins as a difficult challenge, but ends up becoming a lesson for life.


So far our selection! Tell us which one is yours, and don’t forget to comment which one you liked the most!

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