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International Women’s Day and its polemic

What a woman means for you? Why do you think that there is one Women International Day celebrated and not one for men? The question could seem silly, but it is not. In fact, the answer to this question in many areas of the world is still coming from the ignorance of a historical and meaningful fact: inequality that has been fought and is fought by women in many different social fields long ago.

Last 8th March we all celebrated International Women’s Day, which reclaims its fight for gender equality. This tribute is made in honor of all women who fought for fundamental rights like universal suffrage, abortion and divorce. In the beginning of XX Century there were a number of demonstrations regarding textile field which caused the revolution. Finally, in an International Conference given in Copenhague in 1919, it was decided to proclaim 8th of March for this Day.

It is ironic to find out how in those countries where people celebrate it in the strongest way like in Russia, some other East Countries or Orient, woman is still seen only in her worst roles, where this special day becomes in kind of San Valentine’s Day or a flower competition. What do you think about this day and its meaning? Do you agree? What do your people think in your country?


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