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Do you want to know the Spanish culture?

If you wish to get to know Spanish culture, and more specifically, the culture of Andalusia, Interigual gives you a great opportunity to access it virtually.

Thanks to its expert teachers in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and its face-to-face mode, you will be lucky enough to get to know its museums, works of art, heritage… from the sofa of your home. You will only need a computer, mobile phone or tablet and an Internet connection, the rest is on us.
At Interigual we adapt to your level of Spanish, using a wide variety of teaching resources according to your interests and curiosities about Spain.

Some of the advantages that learning the culture of the country can provide are:

- It will enrich you as a person.
– You will be able to acquire new cultural knowledge.
– We will encourage critical reflection and participation.
– We will deal with universal themes such as: love, death and youth.
– You will get to know famous people from Spanish history, their works, places of tourist interest…

- We will carry out multiple activities of reading, writing, comprehension and oral expression that will improve your skills in the Spanish language.

So, don’t think twice, get into the wonderful Spanish culture in a 15 hour course with expert teachers from Interigual.
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