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Bye Bye 2020!

All of us who have lived through 2020 will remember it as the year of the global pandemic.
A year in which we have seen daily on television how the number of deaths worldwide from COVID-19 grew, a year in which we have been confined to our homes for months preserving our health and that of our loved ones, a year in which many people have not been able to say goodbye to a family member, friend, colleague or neighbor. In short, a disastrous year.

But it was not all bad news. In 2020 we have learned many new things: to prepare new gastronomic recipes in our homes, to value the work of healthcare personnel, to take advantage of new technologies to carry out our daily tasks, we have improved our hygiene habits, ….. Companies and educational centers have also evolved by making greater use of the internet, videoconferences, teleworking, …… This has reduced pollution in cities as people do not have to travel to work or attend class. And that we have more free time.

Therefore, the year 2020 should serve us to learn that teleworking and distance learning is better than traditional methods.

At Interigual, we have been betting on these new methods of work and study since 2014. Since we are a totally online Spanish school, in which all our employees work from home and all our students improve their Spanish with us every day from where they most want. Some do it from home, others from their offices, and even from an airport or a park taking advantage of the “downtime” in which we normally do nothing.

Therefore, from now on, if you are thinking of studying Spanish to improve your level and be able to converse fluently, do not enroll in any traditional Spanish school, do it online with Interigual. Since as we have learned in the year 2020, everything is advantages:

– you’ll have a private Spanish teacher just for you
– you can study Spanish with your teacher at the time you prefer
– you’ll not have to move
– you’ll save money because the classes are cheaper
– you’ll protect the environment because we do not use paper, all our resources are digital

If you still have not decided, write to us at or call us at +34 856 919 184, we will tell you more advantages of studying Spanish online with Interigual.

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