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The whole course is adapted to your schedule and to your personal needs, therefore you will learn at your rhythm, at whatever pace you feel is right for you. You’ll have personalized monitoring at all times. Since you’re with a teacher speaking in real time, from the first moment you are practicing the language. No more half remembered theories, learn it – use it!

Having a teacher only for you, you’re definitely going to advance more quickly. Why? Because they’ll adapt to your knowledge the whole time. You go faster; they go faster, you want to recap; no easier said than done.

First let me outline the general situation. There are more and more people each day who want to study with us at Interigual, in one of our face to face classes. These classes are designed for people who lead a busy, hectic life and dont have the chance to spend time in a Spanish speaking country. Never-the-less, they have made the decision to learn the second most spoken language on the planet. This will help them take a holiday, work, or even relocate to any Spanish speaking country! It’s a win win

As you know our motto here at Interigual is: Study Spanish Wherever You Are, all you need to get going is a connection to the internet.

Staff of Interigual

Vanesa Brenes Reyes

Experience: 10 years

Spanish (nativo), English y French.

I’m a Spanish Teacher; that’s how I like to define myself. It’s a profession that has caught, and held, my attention and enthused me all my life. To be able, and to have the opportunity to teach Spanish to students all over the world inspires me. My own personal reward comes from seeing my country, my world, through my students’ eyes.
I like to teach by giving my students the confidence they need, and by fostering a safe environment for them to learn at their maximum potential. I truly believe that studying and learning a language is it’s own reward, that if you want it, and you believe in yourself, you’ll get it.

Javier Vicente Gómez

Experience: 1 year

Spanish (native), English, French and Lituanien.

I love sports, my favourites are football, hiking and paddle. Definitely I’m hyperactive, dreamy with a huge imagination.
Moreover I love history, I like going to cinema and read book.
I am a Cristian believer, really optimist and positive, smiling, resilient and against procrastination.
Let me be your SERENDIPITY
Best regards and count on me whatever you need.

Ana Ollero

Experience: 3 years

Spanish, English, French and a Little Russian

My name is Ana. I’m from Cadiz, a little town in southern Spain.

I love teaching Spanish and I have over five years experience. I’ve tutored students of different ages and nationalities.
I’m a very experienced and qualified teacher, for all levels, including exam preparation.

In my spare time I love reading, doing outdoor sports and practicing yoga.

As a teacher, I can totally identify with Carlos Bousoño´s quote: dedication and enthusiasm can help to achieve our objetives and make our dreams come true.

I would love to help you to achieve yours!

Lucía Santos Collante

Experience: 4 Years

Spanish, English, French and a Little Russian

Hello! My name is Lucía.I have worked for 4 years as a Spanish teacher at a school in Cadiz and also I have experience with online classes for more than a year ago. I studied Spanish Philology in Cadiz and then did a Master´s ´degree in Teaching Spanish as a second language and a Master´s degree to be Language and literature teacher in a secondary school.

Now I would love to be your teacher and help with the spanish language and culture, I can ADAPT my classes to you; depending on your level, interests and aims…a dynamic and fun way.I enjoy teaching and can learn a lot together!

I hope see you soon in class

Rafael Luis Salieto Gámez

Experience: 3 years

Spanish, English, French and a Little Russian

I am a passionate for languages and travelling, I love discovering the world and the people who live in it. That is the reason I decided to devote my professional career to translation and teaching languages, which allow me to be in permanent contact with people from very different cultures. Thanks to these motivations I had the chance, on one hand, to work in three continents and to learn a lot from my colleagues and my students and, on the other hand, to collaborate with institutions and organizations as a translator and sworn translator-interpreter.

Nuria Martínez Álvarez

Experience: 4 years

Spanish (native), English and a Little Russian

Hi! My name is Nuria and I am Spanish teacher … why I chose this profession ? Because I love to teach how is the Spanish and Hispanic Americans people through our language and our culture.

I have lived in many countries and I know how important it is to learn a new language to communicate in different situations, for example: to study in the university, to work, to meet people, to go to shopping, etc.

So I am able to adapt to your needs as student and share all my knowledge with you to accompany you to reach your goal to learn Spanish .

A quote that defines my teaching: “Give a man a fish , and he eats today. Give him a rod and teach him to fish and he will eat the rest of his life. “

Antonio Suárez Díaz

Experience: 1 Year

Spanish native, English and French.

I am a young guy from Cádiz and I am passionate about teaching Spanish. I preffer teaching in a different and innovative way because I believe that, in this way, the students learn better.

I like watching movies, listening to music, reading, travelling, meeting different places and cultures, playing sports, etc. But above all, I love teaching while I see that my students enjoy learning new things.

Patricia Humanes Lobo

Experience: Spanish teacher. Master. Master in Hispanic Philology and Hispanic Studies.
I have two years experience in teaching spanish in the university and half year as assistant in conversation.

Spanish (native), english and russian.

I am spanish teacher, I have BA in Primary Education and Master in Hispanic Philology and Hispanic Studies.

I am creative, I love music, travel and art.

I´m interested in other cultures and meeting people from different countries.

If you want to learn spanish language or improve your level, I could help you.