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7 Recommended readings for A1-A2. Interigual

7 Recommended readings for A1-A2

I hope that all the friends of Interigual have had a good start to the new year, we are full of energy.

We want to make a reference to a way of studying Spanish that is through reading, and in this entry I will emphasize Spanish authors and texts aimed at teenagers. Our intention is that you students who live abroad get to know national authors.

As always, we would like you to tell us what you think and if you have ever read any of these books. We are open to further proposals.

These are the seven books of readings that I propose, I make a small summary so that you know a little of the history.

1. Fray Perico y su Borrico (Juan Muñoz Martín): A quiet day in a convent in Salamanca, a new addition to the friars, Perico, arrives. This somewhat clumsy boy, with a good heart and the gift of being able to talk with Saint Francis; ends up turning the convent upside down, and ceasing to be a place of peace and silence, to become a madness.

2. Antología (Gloria Fuertes): Compilation of poems by the well-known writer Gloria Fuertes. Books that will be the delight of the readers, with those rhymes, and those sometimes hilarious verses. One of the books that should not be recommended to foreigners (but Interigual is not a usual school), but should be mandatory to have in all homes.

3. Manolito Gafotas (Elvira Lindo): Manolito is the protagonist of this saga. A boy who lives in the Carabanchel Alto neighborhood in Madrid. The novel is a faithful reflection of the daily life of a working class neighborhood. Manolito lives with his parents, his brother (el Imbécil) and his grandfather Nicolás. Through the eyes of the protagonist, he tells about different daily situations of his family and friends. Note: This book is better placed in B1-B2, because it is true that it uses many “typical neighborhood” expressions that those who are just starting out in Spanish will not understand.

4. La vida secreta de Rebecca Paradise (Pedro Mañas Romero): Ursula is the protagonist of this novel, she is 11 years old and already leads a somewhat difficult life. She has had to change schools several times and her mother, who is a fugitive from justice, stole a painting from the Metropolitan Museum… No… Ursula is an eleven year old girl who calls herself Rebecca and hates magicians because one of them made her mother disappear, or is it Rebecca, the famous secret spy, who calls herself Ursula to mislead? Well, in any case she is eleven years old, five worms kept in a box and a cat lost in space. Or is the cat thing not true either? But is someone always able to tell the whole truth?

5. El Hada del agua (Gustavo Martín Garzo): A water fairy, being shy and elusive by nature, arrives by accident at a house where a baby lives. Funny story about an unconventional fairy that shows the capacity for empathy and overcoming difficulties.

6. El fabuloso Mundo de las letras (Jordi Serra i Fabra): Virgilio doesn’t like reading at all, and even less so in public. But one day, he has no choice but to do so, since a well-known author comes to his school to give a talk and the boy has to read one of his books. To his surprise, the book engages him and he is eager to talk to the writer. When Virgilio asks for advice about other books to read, the writer sends him to a library in search of The Book, which is called The Fabulous World of Letters. The child “enters” it and arrives at a fantastic place.

7. Cenizas (Álvaro Ortiz): Three friends who haven’t seen each other for years, arguing inside a car, with a lot of kilometers ahead of them until a mysterious cross marked on a map. Some strange circumstances propitiate that surrealist reunion between Polly, Moho and Piter. Encounters and disagreements, chases, road motels, bearded thugs playing the banjo, a boat cemetery, beer at will, arguments, hangovers and a certain dose of violence and sensual tension…: an explosive mix between emotional road movie and punk thriller in which nothing is what it seems.

And that’s all for today, we hope you liked the post and we’ll read it next month.


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