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Top 7 Reasons to Learn Spanish Online

At Interigual we have asked our online Spanish students what made them decide to start studying Spanish online with a native Spanish teacher. At our entrance this week we have decided to summarize the reasons why our students started studying Spanish online at our school.

1)   I love Spain!

Our students are in love with the whole brand Spain and this encourages them to start studying Spanish.

2)   My favorite food is Spanish.

Spanish food is so different in its different communities, many students like to know what they are eating, and be able to have a good conversation with the people they meet at all times.

3)   I want to travel through South America.

The dream of many other students is to be able to travel all over South America and communicate with people without having to constantly go to a translator, it is a dream that many people pursue and for which they are prepared for many years, for that reason Interigual supports them making their journey more enjoyable.
I want to read books, listen to music and watch series in Spanish.

4)   I want to read books, watch movies, listen to music in Spanish

Reading, listening, seeing in Spanish, is another reason why our students are motivated every day, discovering new expressions, phrases or vocabulary, is very rewarding and, for us, being there with them to share this joy.

5)   When I retire I want to live in Spain.

There are students who want to live in Spain when they retire, many of these students have invested in buying a house near a beach or quiet place, take advantage of Interigual’s classes to prepare for this retirement, two hours a week of online Spanish classes, allowing them to communicate with the waiters of their favorite bars or restaurants when they come to Spain. And we love to hear about it.

6)   I go all my holidays to Spain.

Sunshine, beach bars, beaches, people… why should you have to spend your time studying during your holiday hours in an in-person school, when you can already arrive in Spain with the sufficient level of Spanish to practice your Spanish in those places where you feel like being on vacation, studying Spanish with Interigual will allow you to do tourism in your holidays.

7)   For labor needs.

Other students tell us that they study Spanish online because they need it for their work and for reasons of time, they need us to adapt to their schedules and pace of life, so studying Spanish online with a private teacher helps them to advance much faster and easier in their knowledge of the language.


What are your reasons to study Spanish online?



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