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13 stranger words in Spanish

Cervantes’s language, Spanish, is a prodigy of words of all kinds, with around 88,000 words contained in the RAE dictionary. However, speakers use many words that are not collected by the dictionary, and not because of that, do they cease to exist. In this post today, we will make a list with the strangest words in Spanish.
Abuhado: although the word may seem to refer to someone who is shaped like an owl, that is, a type of night bird, this word refers to someone swollen or pale.
Amover: this word may seem to be used to move someone from one place to another, but it is not. It is a word belonging to the old Castilian, which is no longer used, and it means to dismiss a person from his job.
Jipiar: it may seem that it is related to the hippie world, but not. It means, moan.
Uebos: it may seem that we have wanted to write eggs and that we have serious spelling problems, but this is not the case. It is an archaism, a word that is no longer used, and means, need or have a need.
Barbián: this word seems to be taken from a barber shop, or to have some relationship with the beard, but it refers to a person who is gallant or who has a jovial attitude.
Sapenco: It sounds like an insult because of its resemblance to the word dork, but it really is a type of snail!
Haiga: it may seem that someone has tried to conjugate the verb to do with little success, but it really refers to a large car.
Bluyín: by how it sounds, it may seem that it is a type of exotic animal, but it is really the result of the Spanishization of the English Blue jeans, and it means jeans.
Electroencefalografista: this is the longest word in Spanish, regardless of suffixes and prefixes, of course, and it refers to an electroencephalography professional.
Agibílibus: This word may seem like it’s part of a tongue twister, and it might as well be! It refers to a person who has the ability, wit or picaresque, to function in life.
Gaznápiro: if you have ever wondered how to insult someone in Spanish without even a native understanding what you are saying, this is the word you were looking for. This archaism means fool.
Idiotismo: it may seem like it is a school of thought related to idiots, but it is not. It is a linguistic expression that does not conform to the grammar rules.
Verbigracia: it means example, and it is one of those words with which to make a good impression if you are going to send a work to your teacher.
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