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Why doing an Interigual instead of using Skype?

We offer at Interigual a full-service of online Spanish lessons, new and original. Once the student passes his test lesson and decides to choose a course with us, he will join a virtual classroom where he would see the lessons which have been bought, the assigned teacher, a calendar, materials and many other features. Everything is kept in his user account, so the student can always access to all his info in an intuitive and organized way. Through this virtual classroom, the student will have lessons with the teacher thanks to our online work platform. Besides that, lessons can be recorded in case of need by the student for further use.

Why is Skype an old-fashioned app? Skype was born with the purpose of replacing personal videoconferencing and allowing people to communicate with each other through a medium beyond simple chat. But it prevents you from many tools we have integrated into our work platform at Interigual: high definition video included in your user account, a virtual board where you can write and draw, share videos and audio, so finally you have access to all what you have got used to in a traditional class, and much more thanks to technology.

Thanks to this platform, you will be able to access an attractive range of courses: Spanish conversation, Grammar lessons of different levels (A1-C2), Spanish for Companies and DELE or University exam preparation.

This way, doing an interigual is infinitely faster and safer for the learner than using Skype or some other video-conference tool created with a different intention than teaching. What is better than getting comfortable one calm evening with your online teacher in order to improve the language? Give it a try and join us. In the end, everyone stays with us. You won’t regret!


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