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Why does the Spanish National Anthem have no lyrics?

  Today, we are speaking about the reason why the national anthem of Spain has no lyrics.   It seems that it originates from the  song called “Marcha Granadera”,from the XVIII th century and it  was composed by an unknown author.   

This anthem is of popular origin of the citizens of the XVIII th century,  Rey Carlos III declared it as the Marcha de Honor 1770, it was customised and turned into the national anthen. 

Throughout   history there have always been  people who  have wanted to put lyrics  to  our anthem but we continue  without them..

During the Republic between 1931 and 1939, the Himno de Riesgo was sung with lyrics. 

During the Civil war, Francisco Franco restored the Marcha Granadera in its territories, making it the   official anthem  in the whole of  Spain after the victory.  In this form  some score of the anthem does not appear, which  makes us understand that it continued with that of Pérez Casas.

Finally, you can listen to  the current national anthem of Spain knowing that they keep threatening to put lyrics, although I like this way.

It seems that we are not the only Country that has no lyrics  in our national anthem, there exists another two which are: San Marino and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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