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What are Anglicisms in Spanish?

   An Anglicism is basically a word that belongs to the English language and is originally from it, but it is also used in the Spanish language. We could say that it is a loan from English to Spanish.

Not all these words are included in the dictionary of the Spanish language by the RAE. But this does not mean that in the future they are not, since our dictionary is constantly evolving.

Anglicisms are widely used by young people, mainly influenced by foreign media, and in technical language, especially in science and engineering.

   We from Interigual always bet on the use of words originating in our rich and extensive language. Therefore, we show you a short list of anglicisms accepted by the RAE, along with their alternatives in Spanish:

casting   –   audición

prime time   –   horario de máxima audiencia

hot dog   –   perrito caliente

coach   –   entrenador o asesor

runner   –   corredor

brand   –   marca

marketing   –   mercadotecnia

mánager   –   gerente o directivo

start-up   –   empresa emergente

cash   –   dinero en efectivo

cool   –   guay, chulo, bonito

jeans   –   pantalón vaquero

email   –   correo electrónico

newsletter   –   boletín de noticias

hobby   –   pasatiempo

feeling   –   química o atracción

   So you know …, no matter how good many words in English sound, we always have an alternative in Spanish.

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