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The Interigual team: Cristina, the marketing manager

Hi There!

First, let me introduce myself: I’m Cristina, the marketing manager here at Interigual. I’m writing this post to give you all the chance to get to know the business a bit better, and to give you a few insights into my day to day at the academy. I actually started here at Interigual as an intern and by chance, and with a bunch of luck on my side, they kept me on.



So here I am, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world, because not only have I landed a great job, but the offices where I work are in Cádiz – right next to the beach! What else could you ask for as a motivation to get stuck in to this new challenge? By the way, if you’ve never been here, get it on your bucket list, it’s a fabulously beautiful city.




The team we have at interigual is amazing; we’re just like a big family. Everyone is very close, classes are super fun, and the whole team is full of great professionals. All our students immediately become members of the family too, and we’re in constant contact with each and every one.

I love my job because I can truthfully say that no day is that same as the one before. Every morning I get stuck in to any news about the Spanish language and all the weird, cool facts and anecdotes related to it. Yes it’s nerdy…yes I love it.

I’m in daily contact with people from all over through our facebook page (www.facebook/interigual) and Google+ (Interigual). I love to chat to people from around the world, sharing experiences, and resolving any doubts they might be having too.

Some of the little things I like to do to help:Carpetas, tarjetas, etc.jpg

Games: Play a language game and you’ll learn without even realising – its like mind control!

Citizen of the World: I’ll publish useful phrases for travellers so you never ask the way to the comisaría instead of the cafetería, or get stuck without a beer.

Vocabulicious: Can’t remember the name of that doo-dad? Keep calling a Caballero a Calabacín? Not to worry, I’ll be posting a wide range of vocabulary flash-card style with a photo definition. You’ll never be lost for words again.

If anyone ever wants to brush up on a specific area of their vocab, or they have a trouble area (don’t worry we all do) you can drop me an email or inbox me and I’ll get a targetted post up in no time.

If any of you have a doubt, a question, a comment or even just a “cheers for setting me straight on the difference between knife and spoon,” I’d love to hear it, you’re all the reason I love my ever-changing day to day!

Hasta luego, See you soon!



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