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The tacos in Spain

 Today we are going to talk about “tacos” in Spain, and when we say the word “taco”, we are not referring to the typical Mexican food wrapped in a wheat tortilla, but to foul and rude words in Spanish. Because, although at Interigual we do not teach our students an offensive or impolite language, we must admit that most of the swear words belong to the Royal Spanish Academy and therefore are valid in any text or conversation in Spanish. As Arturo Pérez Reverte says, one of the members of the RAE: “A taco or an insult, at the right time and context, are effective rhetorical tools.” 


 Many of these words and expressions, which in Spain we can use sporadically to offend or show our disagreement with something or someone, in other countries where Spanish is also spoken are the most normal and widely used, because its meaning is different. It also happens to the contrary and a good example of this is the expression “la concha de tu madre”, which in Argentina is used to insult someone, if we say it in Spain, we can be referring to a shell, which is the typical stone that we can find on the beach, which the mother keeps at home. But this is another issue that we will address in another article. 


 There are studies that indicate that swearing is good for our mental health. For example, by hitting us on a finger, screaming tacos and insults helps us manage the degree of pain we feel. Or by doing sports we can increase our performance. 


 Let’s see some of these popular words 

Puta: its meaning is a prostitute, but it is used as a denigrative qualification. 

Example: “Me cago en tu puta madre” 


Coño: refers to the vagina of the female genital tract, but is used to express anger or astonishment. 

Example: “¿Qué coño te ha pasado?” 


Carajo: refers to the male member of the male genital tract, but is used to express rejection or surprise. 

Example: “Si sigues en ese plan te voy a mandar al carajo” 


Imbécil: It means dumb person or lack of intelligence, but it is used to insult someone. 

Example: “Donald Trump demuestra cada día en su cuenta de Twitter que es un auténtico imbécil” 


Estúpida / estúpido: similar to the previous one, it is a foolish person or lack of intelligence. It is also used to insult 

Example: “Vaya par de estúpidos que estáis hechos” 


Cojones: means testicles, but is used to express amazement, surprise or anger. 

Example: “¡Déjame en paz cojones!” 


Maricón, marica o maricona: any of the three words is used disparagingly towards a homosexual person or to insult any person regardless of sexual orientation. 

Example: “Dile al maricón de tu padre que baje las escaleras” 


Joder: it is mischievously interpreted as the act of sex, but it is also used to express anger or amazement. 

Example: “Hay que joderse con la actitud de nuestros políticos” 



Finally, we remind you that the use of these words should be similar to alcohol consumption, responsibly and in small quantities 

I’ll see you in class! 


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