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Study Spanish with more than 60 years


From the age of 60 the moment of our deserved retirement is approaching. And therefore, it is time to enjoy more life by having more free time. We say goodbye to work, to get up early, to stress, … And we welcome to travel, to take long walks at sunset, to enjoy the family, …. And of course, to learn, or rather, to continue learning. Since we never stopped doing it. It is the best age to learn a language or perfect it. Because we do not do it by obligation, as when we are young, but for pleasure.

So if you are over 60 and interested in Spanish, the second most spoken language in the world, Interigual is your online Spanish school.

If in your youth you studied Spanish at a school in your country or even if you are studying at this time, Interigual is what you are looking for. Since you can do it from home, without having to go to the language school, full of students, each one with a different level.

Many students arrive at Interigual because in their Spanish classes there are many people and they take a long time to change the manual, having the feeling that they are not progressing. Others complain because their Spanish course is over and they do not start another one until next season, but they would like to continue studying Spanish. Interigual offers you the possibility to put into practice everything you have learned in your school, with a native Spanish teacher, with whom you can practice the conversation. In such large groups of people and with such limited time you can not spend more than 10 minutes on the conversation without disturbing other students.

But none of this will you find in your online Spanish school. The classes are face-to-face, personalized according to the level of the student, 60 minutes long, in which your Spanish teacher not only teaches you the language, but also listens to you, corrects you and advises you.

So, this is our advice: if you are over 60, you are interested in continuing to learn and you like to enjoy life, do not think about it anymore! Contact us through our web form by clicking on this link: Or write us an email to, we will answer you as soon as possible.

But if you are already decided, you can book your first Spanish class by clicking on this link: The class is done by videoconference, lasts 30 minutes and is completely free. Your Spanish teacher will evaluate you and determine your level.

We are waiting for you at Interigual, your online Spanish school



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