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 Our online Spanish students love to learn new vocabulary and terms, and they are fascinated by the idea of different languages. Learning Spanish implies knowing some words of the different languages that exist in Spain. In our online Spanish classes we often encounter the following question from our Spanish students:

How many languages are spoken in Spain? Where are these languages spoken? ….

Let’s try to shed some light on these issues in this blog post.

Four languages are spoken in Spain: Spanish, Catalan, Galician and Basque.

 According to the Spanish Constitution of 1978, Castilian will be the official language of Spain and is used throughout Spain. But there are other official languages in the respective communities where they are spoken.

 We must bear in mind that these languages have lived together for many years, with their different dialects and regional varieties, have become increasingly richer. The Spanish education system provides that in each Autonomous Community where different languages are spoken to Spanish, students study at school so that speakers can become bilingual and feel proud of their languages.

What is the origin of these languages?

Spanish or Castilian: he was born in the kingdom of Castile, during the Reconquest and spread all over the world in 1492. It has its origin in Latin.

Catalan: it is spoken in Catalonia, and in other varieties in Valencia and the Balearic Islands. Catalan is also spoken in Andorra and in some Italian and French localities.

Galician: it is a language closer to Portuguese than Spanish and has Celtic influences, is of Latin origin and is used in the northeast of Spain, in the Community of Galicia. Outside of Spain it is spoken in the north of Portugal and the destinations of Galician emigration such as Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, etc..

Euskera or Basque: is a prehistoric language of unknown origin, used on both sides of the Pyrenees, which has been maintained orally through stories and folk songs, something that seems to us wonderfully magical. It is a language spoken by one million people and for many years has been reduced to local and family communication.

For example, we use the word “Adiós” in Spanish,“Adeus” or “Abur” in Galician,“Agur” in Basque and “Adéu” in Catalan. Olé! Studying Spanish is what you have, many students who spend their holidays in different areas of Spain find words that do not coincide with those they have studied during their course, but that is what I tell them, that the wonderful thing about Spain is to learn day by day new terms to call things you already know.

How many languages are spoken in your country? Is it the same as in Spain?

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