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Learn Spanish with Christmas carols

Now that Christmas is coming, these endearing dates in which we usually spend time with the family to celebrate Christmas Eve and the end of the year, eating typical Christmas sweets and singing Christmas carols. Whether you are studying Spanish, or if you plan to do so as a New Year’s resolution, what better time to put it into practice with some simple Christmas carols in Spanish.

Singing carols in Spanish, is a good method to improve pronunciation, since they are small songs, in which the same words and phrases are repeated over and over again with catchy music. We can even encourage our friends and family to dare to sing with us in Spanish and show who is best.

Then we leave you 5 Christmas carols with Spanish subtitles for Christmas:


   1.  Rin Rin.

Carol very easy to memorize


  2.  Los peces en el río.

The lyrics are centered on the Virgin Mary


3.   Campana sobre campana.

The music has a lot of strength


4.   Arre borriquito.

Carol in tone of humor


   5.   25 de diciembre fum, fum, fum.

Talk about the birth of Jesus

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