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Laura Gallego García


Laura Gallego is the best known and most admired Spanish author in the current literary scene. Her specialty is youth literature and among its themes are the adventures, romance, epic, intrigue and fantasy, which is usually the most common. She is an enormously prolific author, publishing at least one book each year.

With respect to her biography Laura was born on October 11, 1977, in Valencia. At age 11 she began to write a story that, although she never published, but made it clear that her vocation was to be a writer and from then on she began to contact different publishers and to send her writings.
Continued sending her stories to publishers for years, and while he was not lucky, he finished high school and began her career in Hispanic Philology at the University of Valencia.
It was not until 1999 when she made her dream come true when he published her first official novel titled Finis Mundi, with which she won the Steam Boat Prize and was cataloged within the genre of children’s literature.
From that moment, she officially began her career as a writer, publishing a large number of books, such as the Chronicles of the Tower, Memoirs of Idhún (probably Laura’s best-known work, which has been rewritten in comics in recent years) The Valley of the Wolves, Daughters of Tara, Where trees sing, Omnia or When you see me, her last novel, which was published last February 28.
To write her novels and stories Laura has taken as a source of inspiration works by authors of epic or fantastic novel very famous, such as Lord of the Rings, J.R. Tolkien, The endless story of Michael Ende, The alchemist of Pauhlo Coelho or The last unicorn of Peter Beagle. All these works have been Laura’s main source of inspiration mainly to write her best known works.
Her long career as a writer and her active presence in social networks make young people are in the order of the day with her publications, become interested in the plot of the history or the characters and encourage them to finally be motivated to read their books just be Published.
Laura Gallego is currently the J.K.Rowling Spanish, although none of her novels to date has been taken to the cinema by the author’s own decision, but many of them have won many awards.
In addition to Finis Mundi, who won the Steam Boat Prize, Laura Gallego won the Cervantes Prize for Memories of Idhún and the National Prize for Children and Youth Literature for Where the Trees Sing.
The main reason why both children and young people are attracted to the work of this writer has much more to say: Laura knows how to offer her readers what they like and she tries very hard to create plots with elements that like this Generating an environment of mystery throughout all its pages to keep the reader trapped until the end, as well as characters with which they find it easy to empathize and that bring them values such as courage and honor.

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