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International Workers’ Day at Interigual

Today we celebrate around almost all the world International Workers’ Day (known as Labor or May Day in some other places), and we want to celebrate it with you, given that at Interigual we like working. This holiday’s meaning is coming from Chicago 1886 HayMarket Affair, when a group of union labourers struck and died defending and advocating eight-hour day Worker movement, which seems so normal for all of us now. Often, the privileges that we posses nowadays were born of a slow and bloody fight of men and women who defended some aspirations.

Working has normally been considered along History as torture, so this is the original sense of the Latin word TRIPALIUM, which was a torture instrument used for slaves. At Interigual we have a philosophy completely different understanding work- we think and want that our teachers as much as our students felt fully happy and part of our task. How could not be a happiness’ reason to be teaching or learning one of the most spoken and used languages currently in the world?

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