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I want to learn Spanish – My New year’s resolution

“This year I want to learn Spanish”, is one of the most heard New Year’s resolutions during Christmas year after year. Learning a new language is one of the tasks that we always propose and never fulfill.

Let’s see what are the main reasons that lead us not to study a new language:

The start date: the date of beginning to study never seems good to us and we always postpone it for later. And so the months go by, until the end of the year and we reassign this task as a new year’s purpose.

The lack of time: if at the hours that we are working, we add the hours used to perform household chores, family obligations, traffic, …. The truth is that we do not have much time to invest in learning.

There are no language schools close to home: and if there are, their schedules do not match mine.

A private teacher is expensive: since the beginning of the crisis around the world, salaries have fallen and have not yet recovered to the levels prior to the economic crisis, so that anyone can not afford to pay a language teacher every week.

We do not want to waste our free time: in a rhythm of life with little free time, we do not want to use it to improve our linguistic skills, but to spend time with our family, going out with friends, traveling, ….

But this year the excuses are over!. Do not you know Interigual? Well, if learning Spanish is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you should know us and check that all of the above are just excuses. With Interigual you do not waste time, you can connect by videoconference with your Spanish teacher at any time and from any place: on your break from work, while waiting for the bus, at the airport, … You only need a device with camera and wifi, such as a mobile phone, laptop, iPad or tablet. You establish your own schedules. You can pay class to class, or a bonus of hours at very affordable prices, the more hours, the cheaper. Your private teacher will guide you at all times.

Knowing languages ​​is a basic requirement to access the labor market and has beneficial effects for our health, such as enhancing memory, delaying Alzheimer’s, improving the ability to concentrate, … And if the language you want to learn is Spanish, You will have the advantage of being able to travel without problems to a large number of countries and get to know their fascinating cultures and traditions.

Remember, you are not alone! Access now to our website ( and reserve time for your first Spanish class. The first class is free!

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