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How to order a coffee in Spain?


Hello everyone, today we are going to introduce a conflictive issue for students of Spanish and even for the Spanish people. How do you order a coffee in a bar in Spain? What are the different types of coffee in Spanish? It is a vocabulary of survival for all those who like to have a coffee before starting the courses, and the conflicting question that the waiter makes us is:

How would you like it?…(then we smile and think, Oh my god! … In my online Spanish classes this issue was explained but right now I do not remember).

This will not happen again if you “make cheat sheets” of the kind of coffees:

Two female friends having goot time together

“Café solo” means espresso coffee and is usually served in a cup. The best “café solo” is made by the waiter in front of you, at the moment you order it.

“Café cortado”, is served with the same amount of coffee as “coffee alone”, and adding a little bit of milk to reduce the acidity of the coffee. You can drink it in a cup or glass, depending on consumer tastes.

“Café con leche”, it is coffee with milk. Milk can be chosen (cold, hot, skim, etc). It is usually prepared in a larger cup than the “café solo”.

“Café largo”, this is an espresso with the same dosage, but its size is a little larger, so it is a soft variety of “café solo”.

“Leche manchada” is a single cup of milk with a little bit of coffee.

“Café americano”: It is a cup of coffee with a size larger than the “café largo”. It is a coffee that many students all over the world take it, but is strange to find some Spanish people who order it in a bar because they could think that it is a kind of “dirty water”

“Café con hielo”: It is a very typical way to prepare coffee in summer. It is served as an espresso in a glass with ice cubes. Customers pour the hot coffee into the glass by themselves.

We are not going to forget about those who do not like caffeine but are coffee lovers. For them we have the “Café descafeinado” which as its name indicates is decaffeinated. You can order it with an independent dosage of milk or made by machine directly.

Obviously, every place in Spain is unique and each place has a typical cafe, but there is a city where the different ways to call the cafe is really surprising and funny, Málaga. Then we provide you the next video where you can check the information previously explained out.


That is why from Interigual we encourage you to continue studying Spanish online so then when you are in Spain you can enjoy everything you have already learned in our classes.

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