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Welcome to the Carnival of Cádiz

So far, you could have enjoyed already the Carnival of Cádiz in all its splendour. Why don’t we get to know a bit more about its origin? Carnival is a fiesta related with catholic religion, in particular with religious calendar. According to the dictionary, carnival is a three-day’s stage, celebrated before Lent, but what is Lent? Lent is a forty days period of time when the Church prepares Easter. During this time, people should do penance like fasting and abstinence, what means that is not allowed to party, to sing or to dance. The word “carnival” comes from the Italian carnelevare, which is composed by the terms “meat” and “remove”, so Carnival is the lack of self-control moment where people do all those things that later during Easter will be forbidden. That is why it is the funniest fiesta in the world, full of joy and laughs.

The Carnival of Cádiz has evolved a lot, thanks to the authors and members who have participated in its history. Currently, thanks to the media, Carnival is known everywhere in the world and there are many fans who come to Cádiz in order to join our most popular celebration. The Carnival in the streets is an explosion of music and arts which last more than a week, once the Theater “Manuel de Falla” Musical Groups competition is over, where during a month they are competing to get into the famous Final phase. It is mandatory to distinguish clearly between these two celebrations which, even so similar, don’t mean the same thing for people from Cádiz.

The only word “February” is already an icon for people from Cádiz and followers of this carnival around the whole world. February disguises itself with lights and colours every year, because it is the time when problems are forgiven and everyone is welcome to the land of “Roman moon and Phoenician sun”, as one of the most prestigious Carnival’s authors sang this year, the winner of Comparsa carnival groups: Antonio Martínez Ares.


Nicolas de Camaret (foto destacada)
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