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Do or don’t do “tarea”?

This article is dedicated to what students must do alone outside of class to continue learning Spanish autonomously. Teachers have the mission of making homework or “tarea” motivating for the student, so in Interigual we have an individual method to make each student learn autonomously using what they like to enhance or increase their skills. 


Interigual’s students are characterized by their heterogeneity but they are all in our academy for the same objective: to learn Spanish. For this reason the task takes on a fundamental role. Let’s start from the premise that part of our method is constructivist, we cannot think that everything that is worked on in class is engraved in the mind of the student, the student learns finding problems and solving those situations, our mission as teachers is to facilitate the way to be able to develop by themselves, through the tasks. 


Most of the time it is the students themselves who warn us how they like to learn. So we put our opinions on the table and come to an agreement on how each one of them likes to learn Spanish. We as teachers give them some ideas or we can trace the way.


We have students who like to learn the traditional way with cards, memorizing phrases, working grammar in manuals, writing texts. However, others like to work with mail, documents, app, social networks.  


We also have to bear in mind that not all students need the same effort to achieve the objectives, so everyone will work in a different way. The task is assigned individually to each of our students, the teacher has the role of guide of knowledge.  


This is a very interesting topic to discuss, what do you think of homework? What methods do you use?


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