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Are social networks good for learning Spanish?

Currently, thanks to social networks and the Internet in general, more and more is being studied remotely. Well that’s what we do in Interigual, update the methods of learning the language of Cervantes. Although it is true that there is still some distrust when it comes to studying languages ​​in this way, in this new post we will analyze the pros and cons of studying Spanish online.

We start with the cons:

Ignorance. You do not know the people behind the Interigual website ( This is the first excuse, and the most normal, that can arise when hiring a Spanish course with us. That’s why you can contact us through our emails, social networks, contact form, … .. there is also our first Spanish class where you can physically see your teacher, you can ask her any doubts that may arise, and You will not have to pay for the classes until you are sure that you really want to start the course. It is normal to have this type of doubt.

Another reason not to hire online classes is not knowing how you are going to organize your time. We know that when you study online, you have classes every week for a long time and you tend to lose the objectives that we set ourselves at the beginning. Our team is formed by Spanish teachers who have a lot of experience in teaching our language, that is why we create a personalized study plan for you, that is, we work under a plan in which you will have the objectives and the contents that you will have to overcome. at each stage of your Spanish learning.

And the last one against is: “I do not know how to use the computer, oh my God!” Do not worry, we help you to learn to use the videoconferencing software we use in Interigual, which is neither Skype nor Hangouts, to have our classes of Spanish. It is very easy and does not require installation. Courage, the barrier of not knowing how to use the computer does not stop you from continuing to learn Spanish wherever you are, so that when you come to Spain you can communicate fluently with the inhabitants of the place.

And let’s talk now about the pros:

The first thing that we are going to break with this way of learning are geographic barriers. Now you do not need to be in Spain to learn Spanish with a qualified teacher, you can do it from anywhere in the world.


Of course, you save money, you do not have to travel, you do not have to eat out, you only need a device connected to the Internet and you can receive your class wherever you are.


Organize your own time, you can organize your time as you want, you are the owner of your time, you have the power to organize your schedules.

And finally, if you have any questions, we wait for you in Interigual!, your online Spanish school.

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