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All Hallows’ Day

In our online Spanish classes, we love that our students get to know the Spanish culture and feel from anywhere in the world how we live the holidays in Spain, our traditions, and rituals. Spanish online students are very interested in all of this, so because Halloween is coming up, which is a holiday that celebrates the eve of the Day of the Dead, I want to talk to you about how we celebrate in Spain on All Saints’ Day.

On November 1 is celebrated in Spain the ritual feast that honors the dead, this day is known as the Day of All Saints. It is a very strong tradition especially with elderly people who like to visit the cemetery to clean the tombstones and visit their dead loved ones, that day a mass is celebrated for all the deceased.

The tombstones are decorated with flowers, there is a typical flower chrysanthemum, that day has to be perfect to celebrate the feast. It’s nice to visit the cemeteries this day.

This day not only remembers the missing beings, but we celebrate the honor of being alive.

It is traditional to take sweets typical of the date and go to see the work of José Zorrilla “Don Juan Tenorio”, it is traditional to see this work because the final act of the work takes place on All Saints’ night and the protagonist is related to death.

And of course, chestnuts are not to be missed. Normally we meet and have hot roasted chestnuts to warm up.roasted-chestnuts-2881862_640

Of course, this day can’t be without sweets:


Nobody knows exactly the origin of this fried dough, it is usually filled with cream, chocolate, cream, etc.. But since the royal cook of King Felipe II made some reference to this recipe at the beginning of the 7th century, it has elevated them to be one of the traditional desserts of All Saints’ Day. fritters-316488_640


These sweets are made of marzipan dough shaped like tubes of a finger thick, really has no bone shape, its name is due to the beige color that takes the sweet once it is finished. The Bones of Santo are filled with sweet egg yolk, but nowadays you can find it filled with different flavors. huesos-de-santo

Do you celebrate this feast in your country?


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