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Talking with or about food

In all languages, metaphor and idioms are an essential part of speaking. Culture is inseparable from language because language is made of that one as well, so being an endless source of artistic and characteristic creations. For instance, in Spanish we have quite a number of expressions to speak using words related to food. Bread is useful to make someone become a saint: Juan es más bueno que el pan, as much as for speaking of something easy: Esto es pan comido. Regarding fruits, when something is la repera means this is great, as much as something del año de la pera is something old fashioned. Likewise, if we tell someone que está como un fideo, it means that he is quite slim, as much as for specifying that something doesn’t matter to us at all we can say that nos importa un (o tres) pimiento/pepino/comino. Besides, when someone is bothering us and we want to make it visible, lo mandamos a la porra o a freír espárragos. With milk we have endless variants, negative and positive; so, for instance, estar de mala leche means anger and when algo es la leche means that we love it. Food is about everything Spanish people discuss about, even when they don’t want to talk about it. So, an exam como un churro will never be a well done exam, as much as being asado is to wish again winter because it is quite hot.

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